Kennel News


November 2017...

11-12: We attended our first race of the season, the Miners Dryland Race in Mammoth, UT, where we were first in the 6-dog rig/cart class!

October 2017...

05: Frosty whelped her first litter of puppies! Info here.

September 2017...

14-17: We had a fun time with the young dogs at the Farmington, UT shows. Cally picked up her first points in the form of a 3-point major, going WB/BOS from the 6-9 puppy class! JellyBean was RWB all 4 days, and Hero managed to keep it together enough to go RWD one of the two days he was entered. His brother, Bridger, also made his ring debut and won the dog point on Sunday!

July 2017...

28-30: At the Central Wyoming KC shows in Casper, Frosty finished her championship with a 4-point major! And in her first time back in the ring since September 2016, JellyBean won the BBE class 2 out of 3 days! Good job, girls!

Frosty's finishing picture

June 2017...

16-18: Had a great time at the Blackfoot shows! Frosty was WB on Saturday for another point, and went on to win BOBOH and an OH Group 4 in a huge OH group! Our newest showgirl, Cally the Schipperke also made her debut in the 4-6 month puppy competition on Friday, and went Best Puppy in Show her very first time in the ring!

May 2017...

20-21: Hood and Jessica had a good weekend at the Logan, UT shows! Hood was BOB and BOBOH both days he was entered, and went home with an OH Group 3 and an OH Group 2. To top it off, he got his final Grand Championship point on Saturday, and is now GCH. Kaylenberg's Night Run to Tribute!

6-7: Despite leaving most of her hair at home, Frosty picked up 2 more points at the UVKC all-breed shows in South Jordan, UT - she now needs only 3 singles to finish!

April 2017...

28-29: For our first shows of the 2017 season, traveled to the Northern California Siberian Husky Club specialty in Novato, CA. There, Hood won the Sled Dog class both days, and received an Award of Merit on Saturday under breeder-judge Carol Nash. Frosty was first in the Sled Bitch class both days, as well. Hero, who hadn't been on a leash since September, also won the Bred-By-Exhibitor class on Friday.

Hood AOM at Norcal

Hood, winning an Award of Merit at the NCSHC Specialty

1: HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to the Ninja Turtles! We received this wonderful photo from the family of Riggins (formerly Donatello) and wanted to share.

Riggins celebrating his birthday

March 2017...

Whew! We've been busy running dogs for the past few months, but we're finally on the downward slide into spring. We were able to compete in 4 races this season, beginning with the Arctic Breed Rescue Ididarace Dryland Run in November.

In January, it was on to the Casper Mtn Sled Dog Races in Casper, WY, where the 4-dog team placed first!

In February, we attended the Mt Massive Mush race in Leadville, CO.

We began March at the Cache Valley K9 Challenge in Logan, UT, where the 6 dog team placed first in the 6-dog/12 mile class.

Here are a few photos from the season!

8 dog team, soapstone pass

Running an 8-dog team over Soapstone Pass in late Feb 2017

Leadville 2017

Running in the 6-dog class at the Mt Massive Mush race in Leadville, CO. Photo courtesy of Rick Meinig.

Casper 4 dog

Jessica and the Teeny Tiny 4-dog team at the Casper Mtn Sled Dog Races in January. Photo courtesy of Rick Meinig.

Casper 6 dog team

Jessica and the 6-dog team at the Casper Mtn Sled Dog Races in January. Photo courtesy of Rick Meinig.

Scooter dryland Nov 2016

Jessica, Sliver (L) and Kestrel (R) competing in the Ididarace 2-dog Scooter Class. Photo courtesy of BX Photography.