About Us

Our History...

The Breinholt family has been involved with Siberian Huskies since 1986, beginning with a 4-month old Siberian puppy named Kayla. She came to Jessica (then 10 years old) as a gift during her apprenticeship with a Racing Siberian Kennel in the neighborhood. As Jessica's aspirations to run sled dogs grew, so did the kennel. After Kayla came Grizzabella, then Tigger, and Adriel. It wasn't long before Jessica's parents, Michelle and Tracy, also wanted to run teams. It was too late for us -- the dreaded Siberian "Potato Chip Syndrome" had taken hold!

While we have always run our Siberians in harness, we show our dogs in conformation (and occasionally obedience) as well. We have bred and/or owned multiple AKC Champion Siberians and AKC Obedience/Rally-titled dogs at Kaylenberg. We also have several others who are on their way to their championships -- oh...and, of course, we have the "Weens," our Standard Longhaired Dachshunds!

The Dogs...

While Kaylenberg is home to both show-line and racing-line Siberian huskies, our goal is to breed dogs that are equally capable on both the trail and in the ring. We began with very distinct show and racing lines, but over the years our focus has shifted to a well-rounded, typy working dog. We have begun incorporating distance and sprint racing lines into our show lines, and will continue to blend pedigrees that fit our goals.

In addition to our working, showing, and breeding activities, we are also involved in Siberian husky rescue work. Rescues are often adult dogs, the owners of whom can no longer keep them, or were perhaps never identified to begin with. Very often we receive Siberians into our rescue program because their previous owners did not take the time to learn about the breed before buying, and have found out, too late, that Siberians really aren't the dog for their lifestyle. Rescue dogs are well-deserving of new and loving homes. If you think a rescue dog may be the perfect companion for you, we encourage you to read more about them.

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