Kaylenberg's Sage - "Sage"

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Sage (R) leading Racer Gibson's team

Sage leading Racer's Team

Sage and Zam bikejoringSage and Zam scootering

Sage, littermate to Hank, was born here at Kaylenberg in March of 2003. Her sweet, charming temperament makes her quite easy to live with, and she is a power-house in harness.

Sage finished her running career with Maren and Racer Gibson, and is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement.


					Ash of Markovo
			Hercules of Sepp-Alta
					Alma of Sepp-Alta
		Bronco of Sepp-Alta
					Lester of Sepp-Alta
			Sepp-Lok's Dixie
					Xantippa of Sepp-Alta
 Kaylenberg's Sage
					Alka-Shan's Luck-Laser
			Sno-Fire's Flag
					Sno-Fire's Sitka
		Storm Mountain's Angel
					Sno-Fire's Flag
			Spirit Wind's Tzeitel
					Spirit Wind's Shere Khan

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